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Chad Mead was unquestionably the most feared pitcher in Traveler History.  He had a steady left handed fastball at 95mph and just enough wildness to keep hitters from digging in the batters box.  Mead averaged more than 15 strikeouts per 7 innings pitched and in most cases was considered unhittable.  By the way, this dominance began when Mead was just 16 years old.

One great Traveler memory of Chad came in 1993 when the Travelers faced off against Pueblo Colorado in the Tony Andenucio Tournament under the lights the opening night.  Mead struck out 17 batters and recorded 2 outs on a comebacker and a pop fly.  All Mead needed was a catcher and a first baseman to win the game that night.  The performance opened the eyes of the Colorado Rockies front office and scouts made their way 2 days later to see Mead.  The performance labeled Mead with the nickname "Rocket on the Rise".  Over a 3 game period Mead struck out 18, 19 and 18 out of the possible 21 outs per game.  HIs dominance drew the attention of all major league scouts and later on in July, 19 MLB scouts showed up to watch Chad strike out 18 batters in a single game.

Chad Mead is a Hall of Famer for the Travelers because he had the stats both offensively and defensively.  Simply put, Chad Mead was a complete player.  He was a tremendous hitter that drove in runs at a high pace.  With 113 total RBIs in 1994 made him the 3rd all time RBI man in Traveler history.  In fact, Chad Mead had the highest RBI total per at bat Traveler History, 

Mead went to the Univeristy of Oklahoma and on to Ole Miss where he excelled both on the mound and in the field.  He pushed through some difficult coaching changes and some arm issues with fundemental adjustments that were not kind to his over powering dominance he showed as a Traveler.  Mead was drafted 8th Round of the 1995 draft by the Atlanta Braves and opted for College before later signing out of Ole Miss with the Chicago Cubs.

Mead was a great team mate and person on and off the field during his career.  He was truly a winner and well respected by his peers.  He will go down as one of the most  dominate forces of talent to ever wear the Traveler Red.