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Woodward Travelers 18U
Finish Season 37-11

4th Round Finish in South Plains Regional 


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"A Special Season To Remember"

Going into the 2018 summer Coach Ward expected it would be a rebuilding year.  Other than one returning full time starter in Christopher Goldston and lefty pitcher Brady Bowles the team would have to rebuild with all young players, most of which would have two or three years in the program.

Normally rebuilding years are filled with ups and downs and a lot of growing pains that typically lead to a sub-par record and season outcomes, as the goals are directed toward the future.  However, this was not a typical rebuilding year.

The Travelers opening day roster had just 11 position players with 3 PO’s (pitchers only). There were just two position players on the team that were 18 years old and unable to come back for the 2019 season. Those players were Brady Bowles and Tyler Richey.  

Brady Bowles was a true leader that exploded on the scene offensively in 2018. He established himself as the clean-up hitter and was a force offensively wire to wire. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 12.34.09 PM.png“NWOSU is getting a complete player and leader in Bowles,” said Ward.  “This young man is special and will do great things.”  

Tylor Richey finally had a stage to be recognized for his talent this summer with the Travelers and he will be a huge addition for Vernon Junior College.

“Every year we have a design to win and make the most out of the summer, but we were primarily building for the next two summers to be great,” Ward added. “This group performed at a high level and became one of the best ‘teams’ I have coached.  

“The word ‘TEAM’ is underrated in today’s watered-down summer showcase world. It has all turned into ME, ME, ME….. instead of TEAM.  We have prided our Traveler program on uniting a group of young men that love and trust each other like a family. This year’s team may be the best ‘family’ in the team model that I have coached. In over 30 years of experience I have learned that ‘UNITY’ is a team’s greatest strength. When we have unity and family pulling together there is no Goliath that this David will fear or can’t conquer!” 

The Travelers opened the season with a 19-1 run and found themselves in the semifinals of the prestigious Tony Andenucio Classic in Pueblo. They also won the Route 66 championship on their way to 37-11 record (.771 winning percentage) and a 4thround finish in the Connie Mack South Plains National Regional. Nothing short of spectacular for any team much less the rebuilding Travelers.Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 12.35.10 PM.png

There were many more challenges the Travelers had to deal with besides the youthfulness of the group. Setting key pitchers back to recover from long high school seasons put the Travelers in a hole on the mound and in the field. When Colton Hunter and Brendan Girton needed some time to recoup arms the Travelers were forced to play a lot of players at new positions.  

“Our players being strong and healthy to reach their maximum potential future is priority number 1.  We believe in letting players have down time on how much they pitch and throw. Especially after long high school seasons,” said Ward.

With some changes needing to be made, Jett Brown and Caden Church played the outfield in positions they had basically never played at this level, while Parker Ward became the everyday 2ndbaseman after starting two years in high school in center and right field.  Brady Bowles took over in center for part of the season and Hunter was moved to first. 

“We had a rag-tag group of guys that picked up and played well no matter where we played them,” Coach Ward stated. “These guys handled it well and became better players for it.  

“Once you reach a certain part of the season with an established game plan and guys in positions it’s hard to go back. Especially when the players are playing well and established together where they are. I am proud of the fact that these guys handled something so new in the way they did. It shows versatility and character.”

Infusing the Traveler tradition and philosophy was the goal going into 2018. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 9.58.01 AM.png“We wanted to get back to more of a grass roots philosophy of bringing up a few three-year players and throw them in the fire so our future core could learn what it’s like to be Travelers.  It has become a way of life and a standard of how to win as Travelers that goes back to my dad’s days as head coach. It’s a Traveler mindset of winning and family that must be passed down,” Ward added. 

The three-year guys (16 years old) on this year’s team were Brendon Girton, Ty Goss and Parker Ward. They all played key roles this summer for the Travelers and will return for two more years. That core plus some key young players coming over from Coach Webb’s team has the gun barrel fully loaded for several years to come. 

Goss not only exploded to be a top hitter and defensive player, but also contributed on the mound as one of the team’s top relief arms while becoming a leader on the field.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 11.55.13 AM.pngGirton hit the ball great early in the season before taking time off to recoup. He provided some key pinch hit at bats and excelled in the DH role. He has the physical ability to be “special” on the mound and at the plate the next two seasons.  With his size and strenght he should become a middle of the order hitter that is a great catcher.  His ability to throw could force him to the mound and limit his time behind the plate as he projects as a big time arm pitching.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 9.58.13 AM.pngParker Ward began the year 8-for-15 at the plate and stayed steady throughout the year while showing his versatility as a guy that can bunt and handle the bat while playing multiple positions including pitcher.  He is the ability to play the outfield, infield, pitch and catch and could become an exceptional base stealing threat over the next 2 seasons. These 3 players that return for 2 more seasons should provide the leadership necessary to carry on the Traveler tradition through the 2020 season.

The two-year players are nothing short of outstanding.  Christopher Goldston and Colton Hunter are of rare age where both players were still 17 after graduating in 2018. Both have the age minimum to participate in the Connie Mack circuit again next year if they so choose. Both are well-known players in the area have the ability to throw shutouts on the mound while stabilizing an offense at the plate.  

 Goldston hit over .400 while anchoring the pitching staff as always.  Hunter had one of the best four-week runs offensively that many can remember, batting over .500 for that stretch.  

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 10.14.36 AM.pngThere is nothing more to really say about Goldston and Hunter accept that they are great baseball players and are more than welcome to help make this run again as Travelers next year if their college situations allow for it,” stated Ward.  “I always want what’s best for the players future and sometimes it is best to come back and be a Traveler and other times they need to move forward with their career.  Goldston is headed for OCU to play and pitch and should get a chance to be on the field as a freshman.  Colton Hunter is headed for Cowley County Community College and also should see time as a freshman on the field and on the mound.  

The two-year guys still in high school this coming year include Jett Brown, Dylan Turner, Colton Clinesmith, Caden Church and Cole Fletcher.  They all played key roles this summer and provide a strong backbone for 2019.  In the final three weeks Brown hit .407 with 23 RBI and Turner was 8-1 on the mound with a 2.53 ERA for the year.  

“Turner was basically a guaranteed win on the mound this summer and helped offensively with a solid year at the plate,” Ward Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 12.15.15 PM.pngcommented. “He has a chance to be special on the mound with continued development.  Turner with added strenght this next year should be widely sought after 2 way player for colleges around the region.  

Same goes for Brown. He has the size, athleticism and versatility to excel on the mound and at the plate. He has grown so much mentally and emotionally this summer and is on the path to reach his goals as a player.”

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 9.56.25 AM.pngClinesmith had to handle practically all the catching duties for the summer and he did a great job defensively. He is a great pitch caller and receiver who blocks and throws the ball extremely well. He was worn down some having to catch so much and it showed offensively some but he was also was a clutch hitter at times during the season, while leading the team in walks as well.  

Church was Mr. Versatility defensively and was expected to be a key role player and he did that extremely well. Church played every position on the field accept 1stbase, ironically 1stbase was his primary position a year ago. Church was a key offensive contributor and on-base guy from the 9-hole during the season.  

Cole Fletcher is a returning lefty that showed signs of greatness during the summer.  He can be dominate on the mound and proved it several times, especially during the 1 hit performance against Sandlot in the Connie Mack State Tournament.

Jackson McCormick, Dawson Howard and Steven Craddock provided some memorable moments as 18-year old PO’s for the team as well. McCormick Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 10.04.28 AM.pngpitched a relief gem in the state tournament against Enid and no one will soon forget Howard’s pinch-hit at bat that ultimately helped the Travelers eliminate the Southwest Shockers from the playoffs. All three guys have the potential to make it at the college level and the Traveler experience can only help motivate them to reach their goals. Jackson is headed to Kansas City Kansas Community College. Craddock looks to join coach Davidson's staff at Seward County College in the fall and Howard is mingling over some college offers yet to make a decision.    


Some memories for the Traveler history book include the seven-run first inning against long-time rival Cherry Creek where the Travs held on to win. Also, Brady Bowles’ three-run bomb at David Allen Ballpark early in the year that solidified the victory over rival Enid still lingers.  Colton Hunter, Brady Bowles and Christopher Goldston were virtually impossible to get out during the semifinal run at Pueblo.  

Ty Goss had an amazing Route 66 Tournament where in the six games he hit .550 with 13 runs batted in. Parker Ward hit .538 that week with a clutch push bunt gem that broke the Wichita Sluggers backs in the semifinals. 

Jett Brown’s double knocking in Brady Bowles to eliminate the Shockers in the state tournament will go down as an all-time Traveler team victory that no writer could ever script. It was a game that brought the entire team together in a special place oScreen Shot 2018-07-23 at 9.57.09 AM.pngf “unity” that is very difficult to achieve in all of sports. But when it happens it is supernatural.  “I have always said if I could bottle and sell the feeling you get when a team and fan base comes together like that we could all retire!” said Ward.  “It is what we all strive for in sports to become ‘one’ working together on the field trusting and loving one another no matter what, you lay it ALL out there for each other with no excuses.”

Christopher Goldston’s seven-inning pitching gem against Sandlot in the South Plains Regional was remarkable capping off a stellar summer on the mound. Goldston won five games on the mound and saved four with a 0.875 ERA.

Caden Church’s pinch-hit two-run seventh inning single in the final game of the year was an amazing moment that he,Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 11.05.11 AM.png nor Traveler faithful will soon forget.

The Travelers biggest memory for 2018 will remain the fact that this bunch of young rebuilding Travelers finished the season as the last Oklahoma team standing in the playoffs as they worked together to overcome the odds and truly can call themselves a “TEAM”.

“I believe the bible is the absolute truth,” Ward said. “It takes faith in each other to be a complete team. This faith can pull on supernatural things that as people we have a hard time understanding. At some point we have to decide that it is best to just trust God.”

Hebrews 11:6 But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

“I showed up at the field every day knowing I was going to get a great effort and that our team believed and trusted one another. It was without a doubt one of my favorite teams of all time!” Coach Ward said.

In a year of rebuilding youthful expectations, the 2018 Travelers put up a story-book season.  Never would anyone expect a team this young and inexperienced in summer baseball at this level to achieve such a high standard of success.  It was a great testimony to the Traveler baseball way of family and love.  2019 is something to look forward to.


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Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 8.48.15 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 8.47.36 AM.png


May 25th-26th MEMORIAL DAY FESTIVAL @ Woodward

  • 25th Travelers Ward vs. Kingfisher @ Fuller Park 1:00   W 6-4
  • 25th Travelers Ward vs. Broncos @ Fuller Park 8:00  W 14-3
  • 26th Travelers Ward vs. Kingfisher @ Fuller Park 3:00  W 11-3
  • 26th Travelers Ward vs. Broncos @ Fuller Park 8:00  W 11-3
  • 27th Travelers Ward vs. Liberal KS @ Fuller Park 5:00  W 12-4



  • 1st Travelers Ward vs. OK Drillers @ Fuller Park  6:00  L- 9-5
  • 1st Travelers Ward vs. Branditos 18’s @ Fuller Park  8:00  W - 8-4 
  • 2nd Travelers Ward vs. Branditos 17’s @ Fuller Park  6:00  W - 4-3
  • 2nd Travelers Ward vs. Branditos 18’s @ Fuller Park  8:00  W - 5-4
  • 3rd Travelers Ward vs. Branditos 17s @ Fuller Park  1:00  W - 11-6
  • 3rd Travelers Ward vs. Branditos 18’s @ Fuller Park  3:00  W - 8-2



  • 4th - Monday: Travelers vs. Mustang @ David Allen 3:00 W - 6-3
  • 5th - Tuesday: Travelers vs. Fort Smith 1 @ David Allen 3:00 W - 5-1
  • 6th - Wednesday: Travelers vs. Enid Majors @ David Allen 8:00 W - 7-3

June 8-9 LAS VEGAS DURANGO @ Woodward 

  • 10th - Sunday Travelers vs. Las Vegas @ Fuller Ball Park 5pm W - 11-1
  • 10th - Sunday Travelers vs. Las Vegas @ Fuller Ball Park 7pm W - 16-0



  • 14th - Travelers vs. Las Vegas @ Hobbs Field 11:30am W - 11-1
  • 14th - Travelers vs. Albuquerque @ Nuch Field 4:30pm W - 10-7
  • 15th - Travelers vs. Cherry Creek @ Nuch Field 8:30am W - 7-6
  • 15th - Travelers vs. Parker Lightning @ Hobbs Field 2:00pm L - 8-6
  • 16th - Travelers vs. Greeley @ Nuch Field 7:00pm W - 10-9
  • 17th - Semi Finals vs. Pueblo LnJ L - 11-3



  • 21st - Travelers vs. Express Baseball Club @ McLennan Community College 1:30pm W - 3-1
  • 21st - Travelers vs. Barnstormers @ McLennan Community College 3:45pm L - 6-5
  • 22nd - Travelers vs. Performance Baseball Texas @ Hill College 6:00pm L -  7-4
  • 22nd - Travelers vs. Performance Baseball Texas @ Hill College 8:00pm W - 5-3
  • 23rd - Travelers vs. Texas Raiders 18u @ Connally High School 11:15am (F) W - 7-0

June 28-July 1 ROUTE 66 CLASSIC @ Weatherford

  • 28th. - Travelers vs. Sluggers Phillips 5:30pm W - 15-1
  • 28th - Travelers vs. OK Titans 7:20pm W - 9-1

  • 29th - Travelers vs. Sluggers Torres 7:30pm W - 16-10

  • 30th - Travelers vs. OK Mudcats 1:30 W - 13-2
  • 1st - Travelers vs. Sluggers Minor W - 4-3 
  • 1st - Travelers vs. Shockers Black W - 4-0 

July 5-8 GREAT PLAINS SHOOTOUT @ Topeka Kansas

  • 5th - Travelers vs. The Yard Baseball @ Hummer #1 3:00pm L - 3-2
  • 5th - Travelers vs. Wichita Sluggers #2 @ Hummer #1 8:00pm W - 13-3
  • 6th - Travelers vs. Next Level @ Washburn 8:30am L 9-4 
  • 6th - Travelers vs. Natural Baseball #1 @ Washburn 1:00pm W - 11-4
  • 7th - Travelers vs. Natural - Jones @ Scaba #2 12:00pm W - 11-6



  • 11th - Travelers vs. Shockers Black @ David Allen 3:45pm W - 8-0
  • 12th - Travelers vs. Titans @ David Allen 6:00pm W - 6-5
  • 13th - Travelers vs. Sandlot @ David Allen 5:30pm L - 2-1 (8 innings)
  • 14th - Travelers vs. Drillers @ David Allen 3:00 W - 9-2
  • 14th - Travelers vs. Shockers Red @ David Allen 6:00pm W - 5-4 (10 Innings)
  • 15th - Travelers vs. Enid @ David Allen 12:00pm L - 4-3 (11 innings)



  • 18th - Travelers vs. D-Bat Griffin @ David Allen 3:45pm L - 9-1 
  • 19th - Travelers vs. 417 Missouri @ David Allen 11:15pm W - 6-4
  • 20th - Travelers vs. Sandlot @ David Allen 11:15pm W - 6-2
  • 21st - Travelers vs. Texas Stix Davenport 12:30pm L - 7-6 (9 innings)




 SUMMER 2017

Travelers make final 4 at Topeka

Travelers hit the 40 win mark for the season

Milligan and Muncy named All Tournament Selections

The Travelers made the final 4 teams at the 25 team Great Plains Shootout in Topeka, falling short to the BC Yankees in the semi finals. The TRAVS finished 3-1 in pool play and won its quarterfinal contest against a good Ambassadors team 4-0.  In that contest Tanner Walsh threw a complete game gem striking out 3 and only walking 1 batter in a 7 inning shutout performance.  Christopher Goldston blasted a huge 2 run homerun and Luke Ward drove in 1 going 2-3 at the plate and scoring twice.  The Travelers couldn't overcome spotting the Yankees 5 runs in the first inning of the semi finals.  Cody Milligan and Cody Muncy were named to the All Tournament team.  Austin Garrett and Dahlenberg continued their hot bats at the plate while Luke Ward, Brady Bowles and Joan Alvarez really picked things up offensively. Ward hit .389 for the week while Alvarez posted a .375 average.  Bowles hit .400 in his 12 at bats.  Ethan Swanson continued to pitch well in his 2 outings this week.  Miguel Obeso looked good on the mound in 4 innings while Colton McCracken picked up another win with a solid perfomance during pool play.  

The Travelers moved to 40-11 on the season and are scheduled to play the OKC Broncos on Wednesday night kicking off the Connie Mack State Tournament in Enid.


Travelers Finish in Semi Finals of Route 66

Muncy has 4 Home Runs and 15 RBI for the 6 games

The Travelers had a good week in the Route 66 Tournament but fell short of the championship game by dropping the semi final contest to a strong OKC Reds team.  The Travelers finished bracket play 1st in their pool at 4-1, capped off with an exciting come from behind win against the Shockers Black/Red team on Saturday night. Cody Muncy delivered a game tying grand slam in the 6th inning and Cody Milligan delivered the walk off game winning triple in the bottom of the 7th.  "It was a solid week for us but we fell a game short of our goal" Said Coach Mark Ward.  "That's baseball.  It's a very tough tournament and we have nothing to hang our head about.  We love the challenge of playing great competition and continue to improve in many facets of the game!"

This week saw some special performances as Colton McCracken struck out 11 and walked zero against Cherry Creek on Friday night.  McCracken looked like he could become a key peace to the Traveler staff.  "We have alot of good pitchers and our guys have to go out and pitch well to earn innings.  It's more like a college environment that prepares kids for the next level.  Colton has hung tough waiting on his chances and has earned his opportunities.  I believe this is a break through for him personally, which will also help the team.

Muncy launched 4 home runs in the tournament and collected 15 RBI while Milligan continued his success at the plate leading the team with a .444 average over the 6 games.  Dahlenberg and Terry had solid tournaments as well going 6-16 and 5-14 at the plate respectively.

The Travelers will head to Topeka Kansas to play in the Great Plains Shootout this week.  They finished runner-up in the 25 team event a year ago.



Travelers Win Regional Qualifier

The Travelers moved to 32-7 on the year winning the AABC Regional qualifier at Fuller Park this weekend. The current hot streak has seen the TRAVS win 22 of their last 23 contests.  Cody Miligan and Cody Muncy have been leading the offensive attack while pitching and defense has been the keys to success.  "We are hitting the ball better throughout the lineup and our players understand their roles.  This has allowed us to score more runs" Said head coach Mark Ward.  

Tanner Walsh has been key out of the bullpen as the closer and Ethan Swanson, Keith Traylor, Christopher Goldston and Ryan Terry have been excellent in starting roles on the mound.  "Those guys have been great all year" said Ward.  "Brady Boles, Colton McCracken have started to advance on the mound as well, while Hunter Goff can give you some outs as well in middle relief."  The key may be Cody Milligan and Miguel Obeso out of the bullpen.  Those 2 guys can come in and dominate and are expected to see more time in closer roles as the season goes forward."  

Top right hander Connor Cooper is expected to come on as a starter after facing a rib injury early in the season. Also injured returning starter Ashton Carman is starting to show signs of recovery from shoulder trouble this spring.  Both could help solidify a strong pitching staff down the stretch.  

The Travelers will play in the annual Route 66 Tournament in Weatherford this weekend.  



Travelers Finish 5-1 at Andenucio Tournament

Cody Milligan named All Tournament Team

The Woodward Travelers finished 5-1 at the annual Tony Andenucio Tournament but were shut out of a shot at the championship by a 3 way tie.  Cherry Creek, 4 Corners and Woodward were all 4-1 in pool play.  Woodward finished off their tournament with a victory in its extra game on Sunday against the Burkburnett Blacksox.  

Cody Milligan was selected to the All-Tournament team for the 2nd straight year. Posting an 11-17 offensive performance and collecting a win on the mound.  Cherry Creek and 4 Corners, both from the Travelers pool won their perspective semi final games and Creek defeated 4 Corners in the finals.

"It was a very successful trip for our team" said coach Ward after the Tournament.  "It's unfortunate that we were not 5-0 after pool play" It was in reference to the 9-5 loss to Creek, where the Travelers had a 3-2 lead with 2 outs in the 7th.

"That's baseball, and we learned a great deal about our team.   It brought us together as a group in many aspects.  It will pay off for us in the future".

The Travelers will host Enid for a double header Tuesday night and a Connie Mack Regional Qualifier the begins Friday.



Tony Andenucio Tournament 

Leave Camargo at 9am Wednesday morning and Woodward at 10am

HOTEL INFORMATION:  Our hotel messed up our reservations initially and we had to make an adjustment. We are staying at the ECONO LODGE - 4615 N. Elizabeth Street. Pueblo, CO. 81008

Pool Play Schedule


Branson Tournament Champions

Travelers score 68 runs in 6 games at College of the Ozark Tournament in Branson Missouri.

The team moves to 20-6 on the season and will ride a 10 game win streak into the Tony Andenucio

Tournament in Pueblo Colorado starting next Thursday



Travelers Finish Strong: 2016 Summer Campaign!

The Woodward Travelers season came to an end on the 4th day of the Connie Mack National Regional in Enid on Friday.  It capped off a great season that saw the team finish with a 43-16 record.  This season was highlighted by a 13 game win streak and a 2nd half that saw the team finish 23-6 down the stretch. 

“It’s not how you start but how you finish” said Kris Webb Travelers assistant coach.  “I am blessed and honored to be able to help coach this group of young men”.

This summer’s team battled through adversity by losing key components from a year ago to injury and college restraints on Division I signees.  “This group fought hard all year in spite of the challenges they faced,” said Traveler coach Mark Ward.  “We lost some players early and during the season but were never affected by it.  This team simply moved forward towards their goals and achieved some great things.  I’m proud of the effort they made for the program”

The team will say goodbye to a great group of graduates that will move on to college. We are excited for the players returning for the future.  Key returnees include: Offensive leader Cody Milligan, top pitchers: Ashton Carman and Tanner King along with infielders Dalton Gore and Luke Ward.

“We will have a good group to build around next summer along with a good bunch of young players coming up from the 17’s and the 15’s program who had great seasons” said Ward.

The Traveler 17u team finished strong and posted a 30-20 record against mainly 18u teams.  The Traveler Prospects 15’s finished their season in dominating fashion winning an elite 15 under World Series in Oklahoma City and posting a 28-6 overall record.

There has been a huge response this past summer for the program at all levels, especially the youth that are coming up. The Woodward Travelers had 117 players attend the tryouts in April and 86 attend the Traveler Camp.  

“I want to congratulate and thank all our coaches for their great job with all our teams.  We had success throughout the program from top to bottom and have a great future to build towards.  A special thanks goes to our 18’s assistants Kris Webb and Larry Milligan.  These guys make it happen and I am honored to have a tremendous staff on the 18’s.  The 17u coaches Zach Warner and Kent Callison had huge success with the 17’s and I can’t say enough about the job Blake Goss and Bart Watkins did with our 15’s Prospects program.  It was an amazing summer!” Coach Ward

The Traveler future looks bright.  We look forward to tryouts next April and building upon the foundation that was created in 2016!

NOTE:  We will be conducting personal camps soon with Coach Ward and his staff.  Players 15 and under that are interested in attending one of the camps, please contact coach Ward at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Camps will be closed at 20 players per camp for personal instruction.